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Made by Americans, for Americans   

Thank you for your interest in Atomic Ammunition. We are a licensed manufacturer and not a retail store. We are not open to the general public. Please visit our valued resellers to purchase our products. 

Reliability... Performance... Safety... Affordability 

These principles are the foundation which we have built our company upon. Established in 2011, we have conducted an intensive due diligence process to formulate our proprietary cartridge recipes. We have utilized several of the most renowned independent test laboratories in the United States to reconfirm our findings and the safety of Atomic Ammunition. We are American owned, American staffed, and every component we use to manufacture all our cartridges are supplied by American companies. We are committed to in America.

Richard Gans, President Atomic Ammunition 


Our goals are to produce affordable, minute of angle accurate service rifle ammunition and of course the finest bonded, match grade defensive hollow point handgun ammunition in the world.  All of our handgun cartridges feature nickel plated brass cases which enhance performance and reliability. 

Most of all, we want anyone to be able to afford to legally protect themselves and their family, so we have our set our prices lower than any other manufacturer of top shelf ammunition you can buy today. 

We are proud of the products that we make, the jobs that we have created and want to thank you for your interest in our company.