ATOMIC’s TACTICAL CYCLING SUBSONIC .308 Win is unlike traditional high powered rifle ammunition. Unsuppressed it is as quiet as most .22 Long Rifle ammo and have minimal felt recoil. ATOMIC’s .308 Tactical Cycling SUBSONIC produces more energy and power than most 10mm cartridges and delivers excellent accuracy at 100 yards from rifles with barrel twist rates of 1 in 10” or faster.


This special purpose tactical ammunition is designed for close quarters use (CQB) and close range varmint hunting.  It is far different traditional long range or match ammunition.  The bullets when fired are designed to tumble in flight to cause maximum terminal effect as the bullets are substantially longer than they are wide and wound paths are multiplied by bullet tumbling compared to minimal expansion and over penetration.  This ammunition is designed for use with properly rated, sized and aligned suppressors, and some short barreled weapon systems gain reliability when coupled with suppressors.


These relatively innocuous sounding cartridges with their low recoil and report serve professionals with an alternative to much louder standard power rifle cartridges allowing faster follow up shots and better full auto accuracy with the added safety of not penetrating level 2 and higher armor worn by many law enforcement and military professionals


Tactical professionals can carry and easily recognize marked magazines for standard and SUBSONIC ammunition to maximize their ability to respond to numerous situations. ATOMIC’s .308 Tactical Cycling SUBSONIC provides leading edge technology for maximum safely and effectiveness.


Assembled to exact specifications by seasoned professions on commercial grade machinery ATOMIC Ammunition’s .308 TACTICAL CYCLING SUBSONIC ammunition is designed to consistently and reliably perform to our stringent expectations.


ATOMIC Ammunition follows SAAMI recommended guidelines for reliable feed and function. ATOMIC vets every recipe at independent testing laboratories in the United States to ensure your safety.  Each round is precision crafted and individually inspected at our factory in Phoenix, AZ by skilled professionals before it ever leaves our doors. These measures allow ATOMIC to make some of the most powerful and effecive SUBSONIC ammunition in the world.



We know that there are many brands available and we want to thank you for choosing ATOMIC Ammunition.