ATOMIC’s .308 168 GRAIN TACTICAL LAW ENFORCEMENT AMMUNITION is made with only the very best components available, such as NEW brass, Hodgdon powder and Sierra Tipped MatchKing bullets.  Reliable and Sub-MOA life or death accurate beyond 1000 yards from full sized rifles, this ammunition has a ballistic tip to reduce the threat of over-penetration associated with FMJ style ammunition.


Per Sierra, Sierra has enhanced a segment of the MatchKing line by adding the acetal resin tip, thus crowning the Tipped MatchKing (TMK) bullet line. The major advantage of adding a tip to the bullet is the reduction of drag, producing a more favorable ballistic coefficient.  Due to the ballistic advantage that the tip provides, the 168 Tipped MatchKing (TMK) will stay supersonic at 1,000 yards at normal .308 Winchester velocities, unlike its untipped counterpart.


This ammunition is professionally manufactured to do deliver Sub-MOA accuracy or better at a fraction of the price of our competitors’ new ammunition.


Loaded in NEW Brass - 2718 FPS, 2522 Ft-Lbs, BC - .535


Sub-Minute of Angle Accuracy or better in high quality rifles with capable users.


Assembled to exact specifications with commercial grade machinery ATOMIC AMMUNITION is designed to deliver the accuracy that precision shooters demand and do it all at a price that you can afford. For your safety we follow SAAMI recommended guidelines and each round is precision crafted, match grade and individually inspected at our factory in the United States by skilled professionals before it ever leaves our doors. To further quantify this, we have utilized three independent testing laboratories in the U.S. to safely develop our products.


We know that there are many brands available and we want to thank you for choosing ATOMIC Ammunition.