At ATOMIC Ammunition we know that the only way to make the best remanufactured target ammunition in the world is to start with the best components available and assemble them to exact specifications with our commercial grade machinery.  Our remanufactured ammunition is reloaded to SAAMI recommended guidelines and we carefully select the powder and primers for each load and utilize only brass cases and Hollow Point (HP) bullets designed to produce accuracy and safe internal pressures and with virtually no lead exposure to the shooter.


ATOMIC Ammunition has loaded millions of rounds of remanufactured ammunition based upon the specific needs of our customers.  ATOMIC’s LE SPECIAL is geared towards the requirements of law enforcement agencies, to allow officers to train with rounds that simulate duty ammunition at a reduced price.  This ammunition is loaded in professionally remanufactured brass cases to look and perform like new, with high quality bonded hollow point bullets.  They are not PLUS +(+P) in pressure but they are loaded on the warm side for target ammunition- they look and shoot like the real thing.




Bulk packaged for value and convenience, each of these rounds is precision crafted and individually hand inspected at our factory in the United States by skilled professionals before it ever leaves our doors.  We are proud to manufacture ATOMIC Ammunition and hope you will be proud to use it.


Assembled to exact specifications with commercial grade machinery ATOMIC AMMUNITION is designed to deliver the accuracy that precision shooters demand and do it all at a price that you can afford. For your safety we follow SAAMI recommended guidelines and each round is precision crafted, match grade and individually inspected at our factory in the United States by skilled professionals before it ever leaves our doors. To further quantify this, we have utilized three independent testing laboratories in the U.S. to safely develop our products.

We know that there are many brands available and we want to thank you for choosing ATOMIC Ammunition.