Our 9mm +P ammunition is designed to hit hard, penetrate deep and shed petals during expansion.  The loss of petals allows for additional wound paths increasing the likelihood of striking a nearby blood vessel, organ or central nervous system all while reducing the core weight to protect against the danger of over-penetration.  The central core should expand to 150% of the original diameter, retain 75% or more of the projectile’s weight and penetrate not less than 12 inches of ballistic medium.

Due to the unusual shortage of ammunition components and difficulty in obtaining new, PLUS P (+P) marked cartridge cases, some +P(+P) ammunition may be loaded in NEW standard cases.

At Atomic Ammunition we know that you carry and use real guns, not test barrels.  All of our external ballistic information is obtained from tests using common firearms that you are likely to own and use, not inflated, misleading information from test barrels.  We feel that this is the most accurate and useful information for our customers, so it is the only information that we provide.
External ballistics
9mm Luger +P 4.5" Barrel
124 Gr. Bonded Match Hollow Point 
1300 FPS 465 Ft-Lbs




Assembled to exact specifications with commercial grade machinery ATOMIC AMMUNITION is designed to deliver the accuracy that precision shooters demand and do it all at a price that you can afford. For your safety we follow SAAMI recommended guidelines and each round is precision crafted, match grade and individually inspected at our factory in the United States by skilled professionals before it ever leaves our doors. To further quantify this, we have utilized three independent testing laboratories in the U.S. to safely develop our products.

We know that there are many brands available and we want to thank you for choosing ATOMIC Ammunition.