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Industrial Ammunition

Atomic Ammunition is the leading supplier of factory test ammunition to the largest firearm manufacturers in the United States. Atomic provides both PROOF AND FUNCTION ammunition for factory testing every major handgun and rifle caliber. For the past 5 Atomic has provided millions of rounds of PROOF AND FUNCTION ammunition to America’s leading firearm makers. 

One by one we have earned the business of the greatest gunmakers in the world. 

7 of the largest gunmakers in America trust Atomic for the first round ever fired from their handguns and rifles. Atomic’s test rounds are made with only the finest select components and have passed a series of stringent quality control measures to ensure the “PROOF” testing of firearms before being delivered to customers. Our recipes are verified at independent third party laboratories and every PROOF AND FUNCTION round is “custom loaded and hand inspected” by our staff then rounds are randomly sampled and test fired by an experienced ballistician with computerized equipment prior to shipping.  

It has taken many years of hard work and experience to earn this elite business from so many great gun companies. Put your trust in Atomic Ammunition. 

 For further information and pricing, please contact Richard Gans, President of Atomic Ammunition.